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Press Release 

Live in The D Tv is the Edutainment channel that embraces standup morals and thought-provoking situations. It is a fun and engaging channel that asks questions, shares current events, and learns right alongside you while exploring solutions 
  So, if you enjoy content based around discussions with professionals in every field from all over the world and want to support small business owners/entrepreneurs as well as the 

Indie creatives in all walks of life, then Live in the D TV is the channel for you!  So rather you’re in Detroit MI, Jackson MS, Atlanta GA, any other part of the USA, or even in the world. Be sure to subscribe  and follow our channel as we explore, laugh, and learn together, Only on Live in the D.TV!  


Follow us on social media @Live in the D Tv  and visit our website

About our Host: 

About our Host:  Jabril Muhammad’s appreciation for well-written stories began in his early childhood. He enjoyed reading descriptive, engaging tales with veiled, powerful messages.   Aspiring to be an author capable of captivating his audience since age eleven, he composed many short stories, bedtime tales, and summer night narratives. His efforts came to fruition in the form of his first published literary work, “My Future is Bright Because.” This book was displayed at locations around The Motor City and featured on several TV and radio broadcasts. He toured throughout Metro Detroit following the initial book launch as a guest speaker at  number of venues.     During his adolescence, Jabril became well-known not only for his published work but also for his ability to use his bright and infectious spirit to inspire other youth  He strove to help his peers that struggled with overcoming their apprehension in pursuing their ambitions or passions in different professions.  Jabril took a break from promoting his book to focus on his education and to improve his writing skills. He obtained a degree in Digital Media Production and published a second literary work entitled “Just be from A-Z”- the second in a series of inspirational books to come. Jabril utilizes his Digital Media Production degree along with his appreciation of learning valuable skills to continue to inspire others. He now hosts a weekly show known as “Live in The D Tv”!  

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