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Live in the D TV a common question is: What is the D in Live in the D?


The D is for discussion as we converse with authors, artist, entrepreneurs & specialists around the world, The D is for  Determination as we are on a mission to do what  we can in assisting and promoting small businesses and indie creators.



Based in Detroit Live in the D tv is a Edutainment Channel.


Whether you’re tuning in from Detroit MI, Jackson MS, Atl Georgia or any part of the USA, or even the world. 


 Live in the D Tv is the channel that asks the questions, shows interest in current events, learns right alongside you shares solutions while also partaking in a few laughs. 

The D is for Discussions:

As we converse with professionals all around the world. 


The D is for Determination:  

As it’s our mission to highlight the small business/entrepreneurs as well as our indie creatives in all walks of life. 

The D is for Diplomacy:

As our entertainment embraces standup morals and thought-provoking situations.  


 This is the channel for you so be sure to subscribe and follow our channel as we explore, laugh, and learn together, Only on Live in the D TV. 

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